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We breed and sell  Registered Miniature Schnauzer puppies.

We take the most excellent care of all of our animals, from top quality nourishment, and healthcare, to grooming. 

Many of our dogs are descended from a line of international champions. Their bloodlines are of royalty.  Many champion miniature schnauzers have come from our kennel, sired by our recognized champion adults.

Parti - Salt & Pepper

We thoroughly enjoy working with our miniature schnauzers, each one of them is like a dear family member.  We enjoy letting others take part in owning low cost, yet top quality registered miniature-schnauzer.


Parti - Salt & Pepper  (Tina Bell Star)

From Award winning newcomers, to world recognized champion bloodline adults, we take pride in helping others share our happiness.

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Enjoy the site, be sure to view the gallery, and please call us for further information at: 304-354-7100.


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