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Located in the Hills of West Virginia, Schnauzer's Paradise is the ideal place for our dogs to have a healthy life, Where they have room to run and play.  We have taken pride in raising Miniature Schnauzers for over 30 years.  All of our schnauzers are  registered.  With your purchase you will receive the papers for each dog. We give full breeding rights.

I have a  wonderful husband, three sons and four grandchildren and they all love the dogs and puppies, giving  them lots of love and attention.

We take the most excellent care of all of our animals, from top quality nourishment, and healthcare, to grooming.

Many of our dogs are descended from a line of international champions. Their bloodlines are of royalty.

We Love all of our dogs, and pamper them like babies.  They are raised in our home and are the center of attention.

Our dogs have grown up playing around small children, therefore they are used to them, and are very friendly.  Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most loving and loyal dogs that exist.

They are very clean animals, and they DO NOT SHED which is a definite plus in their favor of choice for a good pet.

Sunday, February 17, 2019