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All  of our Miniature-Schnauzers are registered..

I breed my dogs till they are appoximately 5-6 years of age only!

Then I retire them and give them to a good home, I make sure the people who want the dogs are not wanting a dog to breed. -but only one to love and enjoy. I normally give them to people here close by in my hometown. There are many people who want my dogs, but cannot  afford to buy one.   

When I retire my dogs at 5-6 years of age, they are found a new home, I do not give the papers to those who take them, to insure they are not used for breeding.  I just advertize them to people who want a good, wonderful schnauzer to love.

My dogs  that I retire are still full of life and healthy and have many years left for a healthy and happy life.
Even after my dogs have been bred a few times, they still get to live a wonderful care free life and be loved,,, 

Some breeders do not take this stance and will wear out their dogs until they can no longer bear pups.

We abhor this type of breeding, and recommend that you do not buy puppies from these types of breeders, as this act of breeding is completely wrong and unscrupilous of the kennel owners...

If you are interested in obtaining a well mannored and spoiled adult dog, do not hesitate to call us and ask.


-Linda Peck

Sunday, February 17, 2019