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General Care & Maintenance


As with any dog, care and choice of nutrition is essential to keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Keep your dog on a good schedule of vaccination and rabies shots, as required by law in most states. Keep your dog on a regular schedule of de-worming medicines.

Also, a proper diet is necessary for a healthy pet. Many people will purchase dog foods ready prepared from the bag or the can. For that special pet, a good diet of chicken, pork, beef, or other meats is good, FROM TIME TO TIME. Beware things such as hotdogs, which contain high amounts of nitrates which can make your dog feel ill when eaten too often.

Clean fresh water, on a daily bases, is also necessary.

By following these simple guidelines, your Puppy can grow to be a Happy and Healthy Adult, to share the years with you and be a pleasant member of your family.

Most of All, your dog needs love and attention.


Along with regular veterinary care, all of our dogs, (from puppies to adults), receive better choices in nutrition and care.  We are very particular in our choices of foods for our dogs.  Purina puppy food is fed to our small puppies.  Our adult dogs eat Purina ONE brand dogfood (lamb and rice).

We recommend that you be very particular in your choice of foods for your pet as well.  There are a lot of worse dog foods out there, some of them with horrible ingredients.  I shutter to think about such horrible acts that many food companies perform when making these junk foods.  Many other foods are almost completely comprised of filler elements, with only small traces of healthy ingredients.  One of the biggest filler elements is ground up corn stalks and cobs.  This type of 'junk' food is not healthy for your dog at all, so be sure to read the ingredient labels of any pet food you buy.. for any type of animal. 

First and foremost, dogs love fresh foods, raw vegitables (not potatoes however).. but things like carrots and apples, and pears.  These types of foods give your dog the energy they need.. just as with humans.. and the type of food that God created these animals to eat.

Sunday, February 17, 2019