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Hi Linda, this is Janet Osman, we got a female mixed parti puppy from you on May 11.    My husband and I drove down from Western Pennsylvania.
Our little Kayleigh is doing well.  Had her to Vet's yesterday and she now weighs 5.6 pounds.  She is a cutie and gets along with our other schnauzer. They had become best buddies.  She also has made friends with the neighbors dogs and kitten.   My husband calls her his little Ray of sunshine.   I have attached pictures.  One with her big sister Oliva and two from her Vet's visit yesterday.

I hope all is well with you and your husband and we hope you are enjoying your summer.

Thank you again for our little girl.

Janet and Robert(Ed) Osman

Brett and I just wanted to tell you we are already in love with our little Gerta Mae.  She has already learned to sit and shake hands at 8 weeks old.  She is doing well with the potty training, too. Everyone who meets her falls in love.  Thanks for everything.

Renee Talbott

Hello Linda,

I want to send you some pics of Ralph. My name is William James and I purchased him for my son's birthday about 6 years ago.  He's the best dog and he's so smart too.  There's not a power window in a car that he cannot find and roll down, no matter the location.  I have to lock the windows like you do with kids!  He's the best dog.  There's one of him in his WVU jersey and the other is him in his favorite chair so he can make sure no one steps in his yard.

Hope you enjoy,

William James

Hi Linda,

I am sending you a picture of my schnauzer ,Daisy, that I got from you about a year ago.  We wanted you to know she has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She is smart, friendly and is loved by everyone in the family and everywhere we take her.

I am working on my husband to let me get another one but he thinks the two I have are enough.  You remember my sister in law Sue Bennett?  I thought you would remember me if I told you she is married to my husband's brother.

I paid less for Daisy than my other dogs but she has been my best pet. So loving and I think it's because your dogs come from a loving household.  I hope you like her picture!

Have a wonderful summer and thanks again for my Daisy!

Karen Bennett

Hi miss peck

Hope all is well with you and your husband.

I don't know if you remember me, but i came to your house last august, from upstate new york, and bought a black schnauzer and named him coal.

What a beautiful dog he has been thank you so much for makeing it possible.  He is at my feet as I am writing this letter.

Ivan Pewterbaugh

Just wanted to let you know a little about our Maycee girl! She is doing very well! And loves her daddy! Such a daddy's girl for sure! She's amazing with our girls and such a great family pet!! Thank you for giving us such a great fur baby! I can send you a picture of her if you'd like thanks again!!
Katie Lowe 

Hello Linda,

I am sending a picture of Libbie, she turned 8 weeks old Monday, and she is doing great! She is so loved by everyone. She is full of life and loves to play!! Thank you so very much for our fur-baby!

Keona and Logan Swann


Hi linda,

I just wanted to share a picture of our boy colby we purchased in January from you .   he is really growing into a big boy !    We were the couple from pittsburgh who just recently got married ..  We love him to death and we will  be back in the future for another little guy !

Anthony Pirollo



Just sending you a thank you for the puppy her name is lovey the vet gave her a clean bill of health. And she will soon be enrolled into obedience class. She is a bit of a dominant pup to everyone but me but gets better each day. She is adjusting to her new home well. Potty trained already.

-Thomas Dufford


Hello Linda,  

we wanted to share a new picture of jax,  we got him on April 2..

He is such a delight..  he is doing so well, growing like a weed, and is so smart..

we thank you so much..  he had his ears done,  and today went to groomer, they said that he is a beautiful dog..  

everyone that has seen him, says the same.... if it wasn't for you, we would still be looking for a beautiful schnauzer..  

thank you again.. we will keep in touch,  and if anyone is having any doubts, on coming to you for a puppy, they should talk with us...  

we are so pleased..  have a great day.

Joann Miller

Hi Linda!  

This is  Kim B from Woodbridge Va. Here is a picture of Unali in his puppy seat.
He is so awesome! We're in love with him! He is 5.3lbs now and totally healthy!  

Thank you for our new family addition.

Kim  Burgess


Is been a while since we sent you a picture oh "Harley".  WE have had him about a year and a half now and can't imagine life  with out him.  What a wonderful animal.  Hope you and family are well.
We call him are hillbilly dog. He loves the woods and exploring.

Dan Pryde
Gail Looper
Smithville, TN

Hello Linda.

Just wanted to let you know piper is doing great. SHe weighed four pounds at the vet on Friday.
She's a real sweetheart and smart as can be. Doin real well on potty training too and she sleeps in her crate all night long.

Sherri Parks

Hi Linda,

Writing to let you know the Maxx is doing well…. Everyone loves him!!! I’m very much interested in a black one for myself. And my mom would like a white one, to go with the one she currently has.

Maxx is such a lovely puppy…


Monroe Frye



Hi Linda,

I received the registration paper work that you sent. Thank you!

We adore Gretel!  She is playful, fun and the center of attention wherever she is. She has a new friend that is also a white schnauzer named Hannah, and she is seven months old. They play very well together, and we enjoy watching them. :-)

Linda, I am so happy to have found Schnauzer Paradise!  I prayed and asked the Lord to guide and help me make the right choice and He did.
God is so great and he led me to you!

I fell in love with your Tina Bell Star and have thought of her so often. I believe in the future that I  would like to have one like her. She was sweet and so beautiful!

We have truly been blessed with our Gretel.

Thank you so much!


Robin Roberts




Hi Linda,

I have been meaning to email you but have just been so busy. I wanted to let you know that we absolutely love the little boy we purchased from you. He is the perfect dog for my two daughters. We couldn't have asked for a more loving or loyal little dog. He follows the girls everywhere they go, which is exactly what they wanted. He's quite the little watchdog too. My girls said bad dreams never scare them anymore because Prince is in their bed. As you can see from the picture he even tolerates being dressed up like a girl. Lol! This is the first Schnauzer we have ever owned and we love him. We have already been talking about getting another one someday soon. Thank you for such a wonderful dog!

Amy Miller




My cat of 15 years passed away July 16 2012 and I was heartbroken. I started researching small dog breeds because I knew a cat would be too much emotionally for me to handle at the time. My good friend had mentioned miniature schnauzers and what great dogs they are so I began to research this breed. The more I read the more I liked. I then found a breeder on line and came across schnauzer’s paradise. I called them and she had some puppies left out of a litter I knew I had to act fast so I sent a deposit for the puppy. When she called me to tell me puppy was ready I went down to pick her up. There happen to be a little silver male puppy that someone could not take for personal reasons. I asked to see him and we fell in love right away. I then wanted both but did not plan on that. I put them both down on the floor and held my toy out and the male came running. I named him Riley and he has added lots of joy to my life. My mom said that she has noticed that I have been a lot happier. I couldn’t believe what a difference a dog could make in someone’s life. Riley goes everywhere I go and has been a healthy puppy. I could not have asked for a better dog. Riley has also not torn up anything in my house and I could not have asked for a better first dog. I would defiantly get another schnauzer especially form Linda Peck. Thank you for breeding these wonderful little peoples.

Extremely Pleased,

Valerie & Riley





Hi Linda. 20 years ago I bought a white schnauzer from you guys. She was my whole world. She passed away last week. I miss her do bad I can hardly stand it. I just looked on your website and read what you said about your adult dogs. I just wondered what the arrangements were for them. If you can ket me know. Thank you

Becky Cogar



This is Susan, Scott's wife, wanted to say thank you for my little Lucy, she
is the Character of our Family!  Attached a couple of pictures for you to
see, feel free to use if any potential customers want references, also, we
would be absolutely delighted to give you guys excellent verbal references
also!  Hope you luv her pics as much as we luv her.  We will get you a
deposit in the mail, very excited to get my daughter a baby for Christmas.
Thank you sooooo much.  Scott & Susan Hill

p.s.  Lucy loves to swim, she gets her bathing suit on with the kids & does
circles waiting to go to my Mother's pool, 1st one in the car, 1st one out
of the car, runs around the yard, bails into the pool, jumps out & runs
around some more.  You would really get a kick outta her.  Will bring her
with us so you can visit.

Susan and Scott Hill





Hi Linda,

Its been almost a year now since we drove down from Pittsburgh area to Schnauzer Paradise and picked up 2 members of our family Ozzy and Sabrina.  Our black & silver male (Ozzy) and our white female (Sabrina) have really been a great addition and joy to our home.  Not only are they pampered and spoiled rotten, but they are the best pups EVER!!..

They are beautiful, smart and very healthy, they have never been sick or had any kind of dysteria.  Thank you so much for these wonderful animals!!
My husband (Jack Alston) and I are seriously thinking about getting one more schnauzer from you if possible. There is no  hurry on this for I would rather wait a few more months till Ozzy and Sabrina are aliitle more mature so they can teach the new pup too. Ozzy and Sabrina are both neutered and spayed so they are solely our pets.

We are interested in a Female Parti. So, if you have any female--parti pups in the next year, please contact us for we may be interested.
Thank you again for our very special and loving pups! I attached a picture of them in their first snow fall.

Jodi & Jack Alston





Hi, Linda.  I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but my name is Lori Patton from Walton.  I bought a male salt n pepper puppy from you about 4 yrs ago.  We still have him and love him to pieces!!  I tell everyone he's the boss of our family.  I want to thank you for this wonderful companion to me, my husband and my 2 boys (ages 8 and 14).

We are considering purchasing another to add to our family.  I was wondering if you have any puppies available or will have soon?  Please let me know.

Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!!





Linda,  My name is Dan Pryde from Tennessee.  We bought a black male from you in Oct.  What a great dog,  Very smart and starting to grow like a bad weed.  I have attached a picture of him with Santa.  His name is Harley and he knows his name well.  Loves to get outside and run.  We live in a woodwd area and he loves to explore the area.  Thank you for providing such a great puppy.  He is up to 10lb and he is 5 months old.


Dan Pryde and Gail Looper





Hi Linda,

Wanted to send you an update on Buster our new addition to the family.  It was a blessed Christmas and the family cried with joy with Buster’s arrival.  He is doing great and loving his new family.  Thank you again for the joy you have brought to our family.

J Abby Haddix





Twelve years ago we purchased a beautiful  little  female schnauzer puppy from Linda at Schnauzer Paradise, there in Grantsville West Va.

Linda had puppies only three weeks old, and  I wanted one so badly that we insisted on bringing one home that night.  

My husband is a Doctor in Morgantown. Linda was hesitant to let us take it that young, but my husband being a physician, we were quiet sure we could take care of the puppy. We took it to the vet, got her the proper milk and everything she needed.  She grew wonderful, and bonded so close to us both.  She is the greatest dog ever.

12 years has passed and we are coming back to schnauzer Paradise to get another one  for a playmate for our first one.  We had another dog and it passed away. Our schnauzer is mourning.

Another puppy from Schnauzer Paradise will be wonderful for us all.  Linda takes such good care of her puppies, and we would not think of going anywhere else.

Jacqueline Harrison
Morgantown, West Va




Linda, here is a picture of our precious little girl Sophie!  She is adorable and everyone just wants her at the vet.  She has been everything we hoped and we just love her personality, coloring and spectacular coat! Feel free to use this picture and testimonial.   Mark and Jan O'Rear 

(photo can be seen in the gallery page)




After several conversations with Linda we chose a black puppy from the Schnauzer Paradise website; we even travelled several hours to visit our new adoption and upon arrival knew that 1 puppy just wasn't enough.  One look at the party schnauzer's and we chose a second pup.  Happily, we can now say that we are the proud owners of 2 of the cutest puppies I have ever owned.  Everyone who sees them, exclaims how cute they are and how much they look like miniature stuffed toys!  Their temperament is wonderful.  Cookie (the black pup) is more quiet and reserved and Cocoa (the party pup) is lively and full of herself.  We no longer watch much TV as the pups provide much entertainment for us!   We are very happy to have made the decision to raise two puppies simultaneously as they are not only great companions for us, they make such great company for one another.  

The experience with Linda was wonderful.  She takes the time to raise wonderfully healthy puppies that provide hours of entertainment and companionship for those who love the breed Schnauzer.

Thank you, Linda!

Tom Perry,
Kenova, West Va






I thought you might like to see a recent picture of Emma. She is growing like a "weed" and is such a delight to have around. She is beautiful and loves everyone.  B.J. Plesniak,RN,BSN,SCHN

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Patches puppy,,born on 6-23-12
Dr, Megan Giebel is  her vet

Great puppy... beautiful and healthy





We purchased a mini schnauzer from Schnauzer Paradise couple of weeks ago and named him Sam.  Sam is the third puppy we have purchased from Schnauzer paradise.  This was after a bad experience with a non-professional breeder which almost made us never want another dog.  Linda took the time  to answer all of our questions and ease our minds about the other dog we had owned.  We now have purchased three dogs from Schnauzer Paradise, Hallie, Max & Sam.  Not only are they the sweetest dogs, but they are extremely intelligent and the most loveable dogs we have ever owned.  I can't thank Linda enough for taking the time to talk with us and guide us back into being pet owners.  Our dogs are a BIG part of our family and I can't say enough about the care that Linda and her husband put into raising quality miniature schnauzers.  Thanks again Linda!!!  We LOVE them all!!!

~Chuck, Jennifer, Ryan & Clay Massey

PS.. i mean every word of it!! We love you guys!



Dear Linda,

We are completely satisfied with how beautiful our two Minis have turned out.  As you know, we own an art studio here in Parkersburg, WV and the pups are great mascots.  The male we named Sketchmeister Von Strudel and the female is Frau Easel Von Strudel.  They are affectionately known to us as simply Sketch and Easel.  They are seven months old and almost full grown now.  Their temperaments are perfect and they have literally become part of our family.  We call them our kids. They have learned very quickly and both are now about 85% leash trained and about 50% off-leash trained.  They know how to come and sit and stay, go to the car, go to the house, as well as a few other commands, and all off the leash.  Treats and vibration collars have been outstanding tools and they’ve responded well to both.  We have a pet door and they quickly became potty trained to the outdoors within about two weeks.  Sketch and Easel have been extremely healthy and full of energy.  Their personalities, however, are completely unique.  Sketch is a nibbler when it comes to food and Easel is a gobbler.  Sketch is a fighter – loves to wrestle and he’s very protective.  Easel is playful, but she’d much rather get a belly rub than wrestle.  On the other hand, she and Sketch wrestle and play all day long.  They love to play fetch.  Sketch is a kisser, but Easel likes to sniff your cheek and press her lips against yours, just like humans kiss.  Sketch didn’t like the rain at first, but Easel loves to pounce in the water, rain, snow, mud.., so Sketch quickly decided getting wet was pretty fun too.  They both sleep with us at night, but as long as I’m drawing or painting in the studio, they will usually keep me company until I go to bed.  They have a big comfy bed under one of the drafting tables.  Most stores like Lowe’s ®, Home Depot ®, Crafts 2000 ® (and anywhere else that has buggies and doesn’t sell food) let us take Sketch and Easel in as long as they ride in the cart.  We’ve received so many wonderful compliments about how beautiful they are and well behaved they are for their ages.  Thanks again, and God’s blessings to you and your family.

Brooks William Taylor & Family
Fine Artists, Illustrators &
Happy Mini Schnauzer Owners
Parkersburg, WV

Hi linda we love the schnauzer we got from you we got him 2005 he is the best dog ever here is a picture of him
Thanks Bob&Carla Glover

Milo is doing wonderful! He is eating a lot and is doing really well with house training. He goes in for shots next week.  We are so happy with him. He gets constant love and attention from the kids-  Thanks so much!
Brandi jamerson

Hello Linda,

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you and your family, and the pups are doing great…..Love em!

Thanks Linda!
Jack Alston


I would like to say thank you.  Debbie's new puppy is doing great.  She is so full of life, healthy, smart, beautiful and loved by all of us.
Thanks again.

Beth Spradling

Turns out Prissy is actually a silver. She's quite the beauty! Mommy's best friend and companion. =)
A woman stopped us yesterday and made all over her. In fact, she repeatedly asked if I would be
willing to sell her. Obviously I told her no. There is no price that could be put on her. She's a very special
member of our family and we love her dearly. I did provide her your name and the name of your kennel.

If you know of or hear of any black or black and silver female puppies arriving in the near future please let
us know. We'd love for Prissy to have a friend and expand our family.

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful and special gift.

Beth Leach and Chris Leach
Mt. Lookout, WV

Hi Mrs Peck! Sallye May and I are looking for a new pup. Ten years ago she painted two Schnauzer portraits which we exchanged for two wonderful miniature Schnauzers - one black male and one salt and pepper female.  We lost Gretta last September and are very interested in purchasing another of your pups. I'm hoping you might have one available for me to pickup on March 10 when I will be in WV.  We live in Central IL. Please let me know what the possibilities are.  Thanks!

Rick May

Good afternoon,

We purchased a puppy from you a few years ago and we are happy to say that Ruby is doing very well and is loved very much by our family. We were wondering if you have any female puppies available currently. We are considering getting a friend for Ruby.

Thanks so much,

Stacey McCracken

Hi Linda, Its been a year since we picked up our puppy Bogart. Tammy is wanting another one. She is interested in a white female as a first choise, but a black one would also be nice too. Their all great pets. When will you have any ready? I have lost your number, call me and let me know.                           


Scott Allen

Hello, Linda,

We are so happy with our little Macy! She is 4 months old now. She is the center of attention in our household and never ceases to amaze us with her antics. She makes us laugh all the time. We recently  enrolled her in puppy classes at PetSmart and she is the star pupil. No one can believe how well behaved she is in the class. Such a smart one!

Bobby is eager for Macy to be his walkng partner. She has already learned to walk on a leash and is beginning to walk with him. He has lost 84 pounds and wants to maintain his weight. Thanks to Macy, she will be a part of his daily walks and she really enjoys. going with him. She is such a beautiful dog, people are always stopping him to comment on her and pet her. Everyone who meets Macy just loves her. She is such a sweet dog! We are so thankful to have her in our home. Thank you so much for our little dog, Macy. Bobby always says "she's worth a million dollars". I think we got the better end of the deal, since we got a million dollar dog! ha ha.

Thanks, again.

Cece and Bobby

Was just looking at your web site and saw the article about the schnauzer who saved his masters life. Picture at the Greenbrier. How exciting to know you have a celebrity in the family. Brinkley and Griffin are doing well. Brinkley is now 9 and Griffin is 6. Every day they bring so much joy. I looked through your pic gallery and have the puppy fever! They are just babes. Hope you are doing well. When the snow is over I hope to bring the boys down for a little visit.

Christine E. Schulz
Director of Bands 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th
Taylor County Middle School


It's been a while since we picked up our puppies - what a handful, but they have brought us so much happiness.  Katie (our female) rules the roost and her partner-in-crime (Romeo) is glad to be of assistance.  I forgot how active little puppies can be, but they are wonderful and very, very lovable.  They absolutely love each other and where one goes, the other follows!  Only thing - they both hate, and I mean hate, their collars.....never saw two puppies completely change personalities once those collars are on; so we don't have them wearing any...Anyway, they are growing and doing well and thought you'd might like to see our two little babies who are now 6 and 7 months old.

Madeline Stitch

Linda,I hope this finds you and your family well.  I'm sure you don't remember me but my son and I met you when you let us adopt one of your puppies back in 2000.  Windsor von Knauss was the offspring of Roscoe Zeek and Ginger Nicole Ball. Unfortunately, Windsor died last December and is sorely missed.  If we consider getting another puppy, what is the possibility of obtaining a dog in his same blood line?  We're considering the Spring, around April or May if possible. Thank your in advance for everything, and most importantly, for breeding amazing pets.

Neil Frebowitz

Hello! I'm Sarah Peters, I recently purchased a salt and pepper puppy from you right before Christmas. I was just e-mailing you to let you know he's doing great! We surprised my mom with him as soon as we got home and she fell in love immediately. He's been the center of attention ever since haha. He's growing so fast and is really a blessing! Thank you so much. Hope your holidays were fantastic.



Hi Linda,

Wanted to let you know that Prissy is doing wonderful. Growing fast and learning well. She's such a joy to have. I've attached a picture from Christmas day. She was quite fascinated by batting at the ornaments like a cat would do. I couldn't recall if I gave you our address for the papers or not so I've included that as well.

Beth Leach

Elizabeth Leach

Hello Linda!

Wanted to send my wish for you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and to let you know that I have been meaning to send you pictures of both Gracie and Sawyer, for some time but just haven’t had the chance!   I’ve attached a couple of pictures of Gracie and Sawyer so that you can see how “grown-up” both Gracie and Sawyer are!  Gracie (white) will be 3 years old on Jan. 21, 2012 and Sawyer (black & white parti) will be 2 years old on March 25, 2012.  Gracie was the female born in Libe’s first litter, and Sawyer’s father is Roscoe.

I have had so many compliments on Gracie – people say she is so beautiful and small, and they absolutely love Sawyer’s face – they say he has that “baby” face that makes people just melt.

Thanks Linda, and I’ll stay in touch – I just might have to get Schnauzer #3 from you soon!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cyndi  Miller

Dear Linda,

It was very nice to meet you/your family and the boys are doing great!  They traveled without incident in the car on the way home and have adapted to our living space very well.  The kids have named them Kaiser Aulrik (Snoopy 6 wk) & Gustav Schwarz (Blackie 8 wk) & today they met our veternarian (Dr. Tummons)of 30 years without any apprehension and an unsurprising clean bill of health.  The staff asked us if we were sure we wanted to take them home, lol.  Everyone adores them stating they are so cute together.  We informed them of the wonderful visit to pick them up.  The boys are doing well with their crate training & Snoopy's already using the potty pad in the playpen.  Blackie's very adventerous and vocal, while Snoopy's more reserved and happy go lucky.  Hope you and your family are doing well and enjoy the holiday season.  Thank you very much for bringing two special little guys in our lives, they have brought a great inspiration to my mother after her breast cancer episode.  Take care and we'll keep in touch.

Craig  T Matty

Hello Linda! How are you? I am hoping all is well your way. I just wanted to send you a picture of our growing puppy. We got a black and silver from you this fall. He has grown so much and has made a wonderful pet. My boys named him Sid. He is in love with them and is very pretective of them. He is really my dog. He follows me where ever I go and lays at my feet when I am doing something. Even while I am cooking in the kitchen. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for giving us a wonderful pet who has become a very big part of our family. We love this dog very much. And have even been discussing of maybe getting another puppy in the spring from you. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And maybe you will be hearing from us in the spring for another puppy. Again thank you so much.

Merry Christmas,
Elizabeth King & Family.

Hello Linda,

I just wanted to thank you again so much for the wonderful addition to our home. On 12/28 our boys will be a year old and doing very well. They are very smart and very ornery but we love them. I just wanted to send an updated picture of them. They are growing like crazy and at the last vet appointment they were a little overweight so the vet put them on a diet.  Opps totally my fault but we are working on losing some weight. They are always together and love each other very much and they absolutely love all their toys.. We are so glad that we got two of them because they are an absolute joy to watch and they keep each other company while we are gone of a day.  So thanks again Linda and as long as you breed I will always buy from you. Your dogs are the best..


Melanie Osterwise
Primary Care Professionals



Hi Linda,

Thought I’d give you an update on our little puppy whom we named “Bugsy”…….since he looks like a little bunny.  He’s growing up to be a fine young little man.  He’s now 3 months old and weighs 10lbs and he’s doing great.  We have one more round of shots to go, then I’m gonna wait till he gets his permanent teeth, and see about getting him neutered.  I’m soooo very pleased with him.  Everyone loves him and he fits into the family wonderfully.  Here he is sporting his new collar.  Thanks so much for a wonderful puppy!!

Dave Cale


My name is Hillary Parcell, Zack Parcell's wife. Zack got Annie for my birthday from you October 19, 2011. I just wanted to tell you how happy she has made us! She is a great addition to our family. We have had so much fun with her and we both love her to death. I just wanted to tell you thank you, and send you a few pictures to show how she is doing.

Hillary, Zack, & Annie

Hello, Linda,
My husband, Bobby, and I want to let you know about our new schnauzer puppy, Macy. She is so beautiful. She has already had two of her shots and is almost house trained now (and she is just 8 weeks old yesterday). We have rarely had any accidents at all in the house. In fact, she has learned to tell us when she wants to go outside. My husband has taught her to sit and in fact, she will hop. She is learning to walk on a leash. She is just so cute. The vet says she is extremely healthy.
She has really made our house lively and is full of personality. We keep a flash light to find her outside at night. She is black and blends in! She's so funny! Her antics in the house never end to amuse us. She is a typical puppy and loves being busy.
We are so happy to have her in our home. She is one spoiled dog already! We are thankful to have found her and want to thank you for providing such a great puppy. We will be referring anyone else to Schnauzer Paradise if they are looking for a puppy. Everyone has fallen in love with Macy!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Cece and Bobby

Just wanted to let you know that out baby (MINI) we got from you will be 10 years old in May 2012 and she still weighs only 7.5 pounds.
We love her dearly.
Bob & Janie Semsey
Union town, PA


We purchased our baby "Adolf" from you in February 2010, and could not be more pleased with him.  He will be 2 on December 27th.  His parents are Kentucky Bluegrass Hammer, and Princess Maleah.  He has made such a difference in our lives, and we can not imagine what we would ever do without him.  He loves to travel everywhere we go, whether it is to run an errand, go to the store, his mama's house, or to the beach. He has been to the beach 3 times, and we are planning to go again for the Christmas and New Year's holiday.  When you mention the word his ears stand tall, and he eagerly awaits the trip.

We are interested in buying a female from you as well.  Last year when we came to pick him up, you had a white female that we absolutely fell in love with, but had already made our minds that we wanted a black male.  We think about that white female often ,and know that she would make Adolf a great companion as well as a wonderful addition to our family.  Do you think that you will have any white females in any litters after the holidays as this is when we would be able to get her?  Or would there be any way to know what colors you may have then?  If not, we will settle for a black/silver, or silver female, but we would strongly prefer a white one.

Adolf has had all of his shots, has had his ears cropped, and has been neutered from Dr.  Steve Swank at Oak Hill Animal Hospital.  He ask where we purchased Adolf, and told us that we would highly recommend you as you have beautiful, healthy dogs.

Thanks again for everything that you do to fulfill so many people's lives!

We will email some pictures to you, so that you are able to see how handsome our "bearded little man" is.

Angela Legg & Kevin Dean
Prosperity, WV

Linda, I just wanted to let you know that our puppy, Rosie, is doing great.  Her personality has started forming... she's exceptionally sweet... with an attitude!  LOL  She's so smart for a puppy her age!  I did take her to the vet on Tuesday and he gave her a good checkup... completely clear of parasites, and everything else was good.  Thank you to you and your family for a great experience and a wonderful puppy.  I'll keep in touch as she progresses!  God Bless!  Susan and

Bob Maple

Hi Linda!

Just to update you on the “boys”, they are taking short walks with me outside, being rowdy, and both are spoiled rotten by ME!  I love them, they are sure a lot of company in the evenings when John is back on the jobsite.  He was in last week and really enjoyed them; his eyes teared up when he first laid eyes on them.  He really missed Jake 1 on Wednesday ( kinda like my Saturday)  but the pups made him snap out of it.  They go for shots Nov. 5 so they will meet their vet that day.  They have lots of new toys for inside and things to explore under my watchful eye outside.  I got a new camera just to take pix of them, and will send you some soon.

Thank you for helping me get over Jake (slowly), the pups are wonderful!!

Melinda A. Simon

Hello Linda, I hope this email finds you and Mr. Peck well. Just to refresh your memory, my name is Joe Spano and I traveled from New York to see you and purchased a lovely white male mini that I named Tiger. I am sending you this email as Tiger turned two in May and has grown up to be a wonderful addition to the family. I will attach a bunch of pictures of Tiger to this email so you can see how well he has grown up.

Joe Spano

Hi Linda!

Hope this message finds you and your family doing well. I just wanted to write you and give you a little update on our wonderful little boy, which we named Cooper. (salt and pepper, purchased last month on the day he turned 6 weeks old). He is the smartest, most fun & loving little boy ever. He loves to give me loves, bite my husband (playfully), and play with our other dogs. They are all bigger than him, but he sure knows how to give as much as he gets! lol My husband and I have talked a little about getting another one sometime. If we decide, I will definitely be back to see you. =) I just wanted to let you know that Cooper is the light of our lives and he is doing very well. Thank you so much!!

He LOVES to play! He comes running everytime I say "mommy's boy". He loves to put both front paws on my cheeks while licking me! lol He hates getting a bath, but loves to get cuddled afterwards. He doesn't like not being able to get to us. (Like when we go outside & he's stuck inside.) He's just a big ball of fun. I really can't imagine not having him, he's such a special part of our lives. There are ways that he reminds me of my Abby, but then there are ways that he's completely different. I'm going to attempt to get him used to a halter and leash soon, so we can take trips to the park with my mom & Zoe (her yorkie). I hope he does well! Again, I just can't thank you enough for the great amount of joy that has been brought back into my life, by Cooper, after losing Abby. I'll never forget her, but he makes dealing with it a LOT easier! I will be taking more pictures & sending them later. Have a wonderful day!

Amy & Garland Collins

Hey Linda:

Just want to say howdy and send ya another Gus Pic he sure is growing and is 16-17 lbs now.
His hind legs are all muscled up and he looks so nice. The pic attached was taken last weekend
at Jenniings Randolph Lake which is near here. Gus is truly a great guy and we are so happy with him.
He is not agressive towards people at all but will stand his ground until told HUSH.

Planning on vist soon to bring him for you to Eyeball.

Jim Naomi Gus The McCrackens

I bought a pup from you back in February for my Nana, and he is absolutely wonderful!
We decided to keep his name Rudy, and he is doing great. He has such a great temperment and he is very smart, he can also be very goofy at times.
My 19 month old daughter loves him, and he is just as gentle as he could be with her.

Just thought I would give you an update.

Taylor Owens

Hi Linda!

It was great meeting your family and your puppies and doggies.  I wanted to let you know how the “Boys” got along after they arrived at our house.  Bo is the black one sired by Little Dan ( same father my late Jake had) well he and I have bonded very well, and he even wags his nub when I come into the room.  He fusses at me for putting me back in his crate!  Jake is a little more laid back and just likes to eat, drink and go back to sleep.  But he is starting to play with Bo and me some now that he knows we have toys for him to play with.  I got up early this AM just to play with them before I left for work.  My husband will be in later today and get to meet them for the first time.

Thanks so much for making me feel happier and having such great puppies!  I will stay in touch with updates.

Again thank you!

Melinda A. Simon

Our baby was born on August 15th 2001. She is so beautiful, just wanted to share these
pictures with you. Sire, Chester Allan Hagan and Dam,  Dolly Mae Rose. We named our
baby Katrina Marie and call her Trina. She is the love of our life, you sure picked out the
right puppy for us, she was the runt of the litter and we wanted a puppy we could baby and
cuddle and just love. You made the perfect choice for us. She loves her walks, going for
rides and enjoys playing with all her toys. We do tend to spoil her, but, that is the kind of
puppy we wanted. She is so happy and so are we. Enjoy the pictures.
Sandy and Brad Marks

My children gave me Zoe for Christmas and I am a new widow so Zoie has sure helped lifting my spirits. She is a darling, beautiful pup and goes mock speed 24/7. The 14 year old cat just looks and walks away. Thank you for so caefully breeding these pups. We love her a lot.

Nancy Fox

Hi Linda,

My name is Patrick.  My wife and I were down in Aug. to pick up Bandit. A black/silver male that you had.

Just let me tell you this,  Traveling around 1000 miles round trip to get him was probably the best thing that we have ever decided to do.  Bandit is the most wonderful dog we could ask for.  He is just a bit over 9 months old now.  He is very spoiled with toys and such.  We have had no negative issues with him thus far.

I want to thank you for being so helpful before and after we received Bandit. Your information and tips have helped us out very much.

Thank you again and if we are ever in the market for another Mini Schnauzer we will be sure and contact you.

Enjoy your weekend and take care.  I will be in touch with you as much as possible about Bandits progress.

Patrick Durland

Hi linda,

We Bought Two salt&pepper puppies from you in 2004, A male & a female.

The male(Cowboy) was from Sooobydoo & pepper ann.  He is my dog.  I was in 4th grade & my sister was 5 I think, when we bought them.  The female is my little sisters schnauzer (Tinkerbell).  I do not remember my sisters dogs parents names but we did buy them at the same time from different litters.  We were from Greenbrier County WV if you can remember us.

Well I just wanted to let you know They are Both still doing great they are both 7 years old now.  Cowboy loves to go horseback riding & he also rides the lawnmower too.  Tinkerbell is more layed back & lazy but she also likes to ride horses.  They turned out to both be very loving dogs.  If we ever decide on another schnauzer we will definitely come to you.  We have given a few people your website but I do not know if they ever purchased any puppies from you.  We always get comments on how beautiful they are.  I have Tons of great pictures of both of our dogs & I Will soon send you a few pictures of them.

Sierra Sofil


We were very happy with the two puppies we got from you about ten years ago.  Sampson, son of Alex the Great, is a delight and much loved and a great puppy.  He has matured into a great joy, friend to everyone and loves to travel.  Sheba, who died last year, loved everybody and everything.  She was the leader of the pack and Sampson adored her. Everywhere we went people would gather around and talk about the great puppies we had and how well behaved they were.

I would like another puppy like Sampson, black with an adventurous spirit. Let me know when a good time to visit would be.

Thanks again for such a wonderful experience.  I couldn't ask for better or more beautiful puppies.

Duane Neely


Hello! Macy is doing absolutely wonderful. We took her to the vet today and he said everything was great and she was definitely healthy. While we were there, everyone that came in came over and commented on how pretty she was and kept asking where we got her from. I gave them your information and they thanked me. They kept telling me that they couldn't believe how well mannered she was and that she was very calm. Even the vet said that we picked out a great dog. We are very proud of her. She has been a great addition to our lives and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She's learning very quickly and knows how to get our attention. We can't thank you enough for her and we just wanted to let you know that if we ever decide to get another Miniature Schnauzer, you'll be the one we call.

We'll send pictures of her soon.

Thanks for everything,
Chasity and Doug Moyers

Do you currently have any White Puppies? We are very interested in purchasing one soon. We have been looking for a while now, and are interested in a good house dog that does not shead a lot. That would be great!

We Heard You Were The Best!!

Thank You,

Erin Cook

Hey Linda..  Just wanted to give a quick update date on Jax and Bailey and send a few really cute pics of them for you..  They are doing great.. Growing like little weeds and ornary as all get out..  Vet Checked Perfect and 1st round of vaccinations given..  Love them very much and wanted to Thank you so much for helping mind my broken heart from the loss of my Joey also purchased from you 9 years ago...  You have been a great help and as long as I have miniature schnauzers they will definitely come from you.

-Melanie Osterwise

It was just 7 years ago today that i picked up heidi at your house. She has been the very best friend I ever had.  We moved from Marblehead Ohio to Upper Sandusky Ohio our original home town last year.

Hope everyone is well at the schnauzer paradise.

God bless

-Rodney Zehfus and Heidi


Hello! I thought you might want an update on Kesha. We picked her up from you in November when she was 6 weeks old. She is doing great! She has a wonderful disposition and is so playful! She has a gorgeous black coat and is so healthy. All of our family and friends just love her! I have included some photos to show how much she's grown! We plan on taking her out on our boat this summer as we spend a lot of time at the lake. Thanks for a great addition to our family!


Robin Lee-Jackson

Hi ! Just an update. We made it home safe & didn't hear a peep out of him at all. We stopped at petsmart on the way back & got him food, collar, leash, a crate, a bed, & some treats. My nana was so surprised & she cried ! She is very pleased. I thank you very much. & also, when is the next time you will be expecting puppies ?

- T. Owens

Three years ago we purchased our first dog Max from schnauzer paradise. It was our first inside the house dog.  

I was a bit skeptical but I can't begin to say how much he has become part of our family.  There is no shedding, and he is like a child to us.  Last year my son (13 years old) saved up his birthday and christmas money and bought a female (Molly). She too rapidly became part of the family.  It is amazing to us how much different their personalities are.  Both of them are very loving.  Molly is very frisky and Max is much more reserved.  Molly has to be the center of attention and Max acts like a little gentleman; he even lets Molly finish eating before he will eat.  Both of them are very playful and excellent watchdogs.   

Neither of them have been aggressive at all, so no worries when company comes.  All in all they are wonderful pets and great additions to our family.  The service Ms. Linda provides is excellent also.  I could not be more satisfied.

-- Frank Horn - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My family previously purchased a puppy from Schnauzer Paradise about 3 years ago. He has been the best puppy. Now my husband and I are looking for a schnauzer for our house.

How old are your puppies before you let them go to a new home? We are looking for a black or a black and silver female.

Please let me know what you may have available or what you may have available in the near future.

Thank you,

Lauren Crook

Hi Linda,

Here is my email address for the pictures of the new puppies available:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also here is the little memo about our dog that we had purchased from you.  

About 5 years ago our family had bought a little salt & pepper puppy from you and he is just the love of our lives.  His name is Cinders and we love him dearly including my daughter who says that he is her little brother.  Cinders is a wonderful, playful and loyal dog.  He always seems to make us smile and we don't know what our family would ever do without him!  We are so happy that we had purchased him from you and look forward to adding additional members to our family from Schnauzer Paradise.  We would highly recommend you to anyone who would be interested in purchasing a schnauzer.  

Thank you again!!

Mr. & Mrs. James Cain & Family

Hello, Linda! It's been awhile since I've last e-mailed. Just wanted to drop a quick line about Monte. He is doing wonderfully! Steve and I recently moved to Pinedale, Wyoming from Colorado Springs, and Monte has thrived here. We bought him a snuggie and snow booties for the cold, but he despises them, so we let his coat grow a little thicker in the winter! He has SUCH a personality! He talks to us, literally, when he wants something, and if we don't comply immediately, he will start tugging on our clothes to pull us where he wants to go. Even as a tiny puppy he established himself as the alpha over our dogs, and over my mother's dogs, as well! He is still a beautiful silver, and his stride and stance are gorgeous! He likes to strut his stuff! He is quick as a whip, and such a little ham. Just today, someone in town spotted him, and has inquired about the breeder. I passed along your information and she is thrilled! If you have a customer from Pinedale, WY (other than us!) it is because of Monte and his charming personality! I can't thank you enough for my sweet baby. He is my pride and joy, and never leaves my side. We will always get our Schnauzers from you!

Rachel Miller

Hi Linda,  I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and let you know that Roxie and Ollie are doing great.  They have both completed all of their series of vaccinations and are very healthy.  Roxie has adjusted well with our other schnauzer Abbie and she is completely house broken.  She is very intelligent and loving.  She has the funniest personality, and loves our children. Ollie is a little more high strung, but she very loving as well, and her coat of hair is just absolutely beautiful. My mom just loves her so much.  They have brought so much joy to our family.  We try to let them get together often so they can play together.  They are so funny to watch.  Well, again I wanted to wish your family a Merry Christmas and hope you all have a safe, and happy New Year.  God Bless and Thank You again for the wonderful puppies.  Sherry Brinker and family.


it was very nice to speak with you today about us wanting to get another male schnauzer form you. My name is Tom Williamson I live in Tampa Florida now. About ten years ago I purchased a salt and pepper male schnauzer from you, at the time I lived in Wilmington North Carolina and met you in Tamarack West Virginia. I had the nice sports car as you mentioned in our phone conversation today.

Regis was a very special and loving dog. He will be deeply missed in our family and friends. Thank you for bring such a special dog into our lives.I know we can't clone Regis, but I would love to get another salt and pepper male miniature schnauzer from you? I would hope you could pick me our another special guy from your upcoming litters.

Just for reference Regis dad was Sherman Steiger RM129699/01 5-96 WH, his mother was Shasta Shalong Himler RM149934/01 10-96 Black and Silver

Thank you so much for you're helping to mending the loss in our family. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

I have attached a couple of pictures of  Regis and his sister Morgan. He was a great guy we all miss deeply.

I just wanted to let you know how the puppies were doing..peekaboo is doing great she is a total different dog..she has adjusted well.she plays with the kids.and sophie(the puppy) she is the queen of the castle..and we couldnt be more pleased with them both...

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to let you know we love our little Ida Mae! She goes for her first vet appt. on Dec. 14th! She has been such a blessing in our home. It is taking my 4-year old schnauzer Liza some time to get used to her. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Kara Malcolm

Hello! We bought a salt and pepper female from you back about 4 years ago for our daughter.  Unfortunately we had to give our puppy a better home as we were going through some major changes.  Our daughter named her "Pickles" and we still check on her every now and then.  She is such a sweet dog.  The new owners treat her like a princess.
Now that we have two daughters and are settled in a new home we are really missing having a dog! We were wondering when you would have puppies available?  My husband is currently deployed with the military, but he has given us a go on getting a puppy!!  Our girls are very excited!

We are the Wall family and have been the proud owners of schnauzers for the last five years We have owned and raised many breeds of dogs, but we realized after just our first schnauzer that they were our favorite and the smartest dogs that we have ever had the pleasure of owning. We recently added a new schnauzer puppies to our family. We purchased a salt and pepper female from Schnauzer Paradise in Grantsville WV for our daughter. Her name is Sophie we have had her now for five to six weeks but are absolutely positive that she is by far the most intelligent dog that we have ever had. We would like to thank Linda Peck and family at Schnauzer Paradise for taking time, love and pride in razing some of the most beautiful, intelligent schnauzers that we have ever been blessed to have seen and now have added to our family.
The Wall Family

Mike Wall
Lead Technician
6817 Sissonville Drive
Sissonville,WV 25312
Cell 304-654-1706
Fax 304-984-3261
E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi.  About 4 years ago, we came to your house and brought home Smokey, the love of my life.  The husband is gone, but my schnauzer goes nowhere without me! Haha.

Smokey has a great life, the best food, medical care and toys, kids to play with, but they are visitors, so he does get lonely from time to time. I have been thinking about getting him a companion, but if it is a female, I will have her spayed.  I'm not looking to make any puppies! The idea of a slightly older dog (3-6yrs) really works for me, because I have less time to train a puppy than I did when I got Smokey.  I wondered if you had a dog that would fit the bill here...I really am just looking to round out my little family and provide Smokey with some canine companionship.  Cost is a consideration, but I am willing to pay for an older, already trained dog....thank you for Smokey.  He is the joy of my life!

Linda, I thought I would give you my puppies names so you could start calling them by name. If you choose not to then that is ok.  My husband and I have  been running into different people that have bought puppies from you.  They all have nothing but praise for you and your family.  I know that it was God who sent us to you. I hope all is well there.

PS- You can send me pictures to my e-mail, I can view them there. If so I can look at them everyday until i can come and get them.  I look at your gallery everyday and just wonder what my babies will look like.LOL

Female - Kalee
Male - Rilee


Hi Linda,

I actually bought a schnauzer from you about 3 years ago and would really like to purchase another one. Could you please tell me what you have available and maybe send pictures? Thanks so much for your help!

Kristy U.

Hey, Linda.

I got a salt and pepper male mini schnauzer from you in January 2009 (we named him Bo) and he is doing wonderful!!  We love him to death and he’s a big part of our family.

My mother in law watched him for us about a month ago while we went out of town for the weekend and while she’s been around him some, she absolutely fell in love with him after having him all weekend, so I was wondering if you currently have any puppies available?  If so, please email me the pictures so we can see what you have.

Thanks so much for providing us with Bo!! J

Lori  P.

Hi Linda:

It's taken me a little while to get my world together with a new energetic puppy, but I did want to send you a few photos of Gracie Lyn - one of your own paradise girls born 14 May 2010.

We've gone through all the shots and then her first grooming since we picked her up from your house, so the two photos attached are dated for you.  She's a lively little girl with a lot of spirit, but also loving with a funny kind of smile that she keeps flashing while she swings her head like she's really happy.  We're still moving through alot of training but a puppy will always be a puppy -- so I'm not expecting perfection until she hits her stride closer to 12 months.  She tripled her weight in three months and two weeks ago was 12.1 pounds when she went for her last (rabies) shot.  And -- one of her favorite toys is your red bear you sent me off with in the car -- it's such a light bear that she runs through the house with it like a dog on parade.  Her fur is now more salt and pepper than when a small pup -- she was a black and white then -- it's interesting how the fur colors change.

She's brought alot of smiles to this house after losing my schnauzer of fifteen years in June.  It was a real blessing to find your website and visit and know exactly where my pup came from.  Thanks so much for all the care you give to these little wonders --

Best wishes to all of Gracie's relatives there, human and canine -- have a wonderful Autumn 2010.

Kathy N.

Hey Linda.  The little guy is doing great.  He slept most of the way home tho (it was a long ride, and I did too, so that was ok)  lol.

I stopped and got him some food (Purina Puppy Chow) a collar (had to get a cat collar cuz they didnt have any small enough for him in dog collars) and a leash.  He ate like a little pig when we got home, but he hasn't used the bathroom either last night or this morning.  I know it will take him a little time, and my son & daughter-in-law will be with him all day today to take him for walks so I'm sure once he gets used to his new surroundings he'll be more comfortable in using the bathroom.

He only cried twice once I put him to bed:  once around 2:00 and again around 5 (5:00 is the time I'm supposed to get up anyway, so he was just an early alarm clock when he cried then).

I still haven't named him yet.  The 2 names that sound best to me so far are Harley or Acie.  My son want Arnold (Swartzenagger) .  I'm sure you've come across some good, original names.  What are some of your favorites?

By the way, my son & I were touched to see that the puppy's mom was Jasmine, which was the name of  our little schnauzer that died.  We both were glad we chose to come to you and felt it was a good sign.

Well, better get back to work so I can get out of here asap and spend time with the little guy!  I'll send you pictures when I can.


I bought my wonderful white female miniature schnauzer from Mrs Peck this past February. We have had no problems from this puppy, no medical problems what so ever. I definitely would recommend this site to anyone looking for a reasonable priced registered miniature schnauzer. My family friends have bought puppies from her in past. Thank you Linda

Prentice Theierl

I would recommend buying from schnauzer paradise in WV. I purchased 2 beautiful female puppies from them earlier this week. I had went there shortly after the puppies were born to pick them out with my children, and it was a very pleasant, and memorable experience my family will always remember. The owners are very nice and honest people who care about their animals and take pride in them. I picked then up on Monday and took the puppies to the vet on Wednesday for a health check. The vet said that they are very healthy and commented on their gorgeous hair. Roxie belongs to me and Ollie belongs to my mother. They already know their names when you call for them, and we are doing well with potty training. They are very smart too be so young. I would definately do it all over again!!

Hi Linda,   We just returned home from the vet and the girls are very healthy.

The vet really praised their beautiful coat of hair, and their markings.  We go back next month for their vaccinations.  Mom really wanted to keep the lighter little girl because she resembled my Abbie Mae so much... so I had to let her have that one.

The vet thinks she will be a little bigger than the darker one,  but I don't think mom will really care about that because she already loves her so much... they are both dolls.

I will keep you updated and send pictures.  Oh...My daughter wanted to name Jazzie something else.. so we all decided on Roxie.

Thanks, Sherry


Hi Linda,

My name is Julie and we adopted our schnauzer "Pepper" from you back in July 1997 (his parents were Loveable Lucille and Rosco). After 13 wonderful years, Pepper passed away last week. I just wanted to let you know what a joy he was to me and my family. Pepper was a very sweet and loving dog and always greeted me with an affectionate nuzzle. He loved to snuggle with anyone who would let him and was the only dog my three year old niece was never afraid of.

Pepper was truly my pride and joy and although it has been very difficult without him, I know he is in a better place now. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.



Hi Linda, here is a picture of Sampson.."Sammy"  & his big brother Wyatt...They love each other so much..
Sam is of course a little bigger than Wyatt who is 8 yrs old as of yesterday...We always have a little celebration for them on their birthdays...Thanks again for raising such sweet and loveable pups...Hope all is well with you & the family....Julie DeSalvo...Ohio

July 10, 2010
Thank-you for the reply.  I am Rebecca Chesser.  My husband and I pick-up our puppy earlier today and we LOVE her.   Her name is Darcy.  She has adapted well to our home and our other animals.  I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy.  She slept a lot today, but is doing well with potty training already!  It amazes me how well she fits into our life already;  it's as if she's always been with us.

Thanks so much for Darcy!

Rebecca and Clay Chesser

Hi Linda,

My name is Julie Thomas, I came down with my neice a few weeks ago to pick up her second puppy  and bought 2 puppies myself.  A little black male and a black & silver female, my female is the one that was very, very tiny.  Just a quick note to tell you that both are doing wonderful & we could not love them more.  We have named them Ricky & Lucy.  Lucy when I took her for a vet check only weighed .7 lbs but she is now up to almost 1 1/2 lbs.  I can't remember what I did before we got them,,, they have brought so much joy to our home.

Several people that have met my 2 and my neices puppies have ask about what puppies you would have available so if you could send me a quick email with that information I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


Happy belated 4th of July! This is Mya our puppy we got from you in April! Thanks she brings alot of joy to our lives!!!

Hi Linda!!  It was so nice to meet you and your family last Tuesday!  I hope things are going well for you and you are getting things figured out better for your son and grandchildren. Things are going well here for us and little Jax.  He's such a character!!  He plays hard as he can and sleeps like a log in my arms every night.  He's had very few "accident", but we don't blame him since he's such a tiny baby still *LOL* Who could get mad when you look at that little angels face anyways??  He and his "sister" (our kitty named Heidi) absolutely love each other and get into the most epic of battles. He's learning how to fight back quite nicely!  Also, something funny you might get a kick out of is that I'm a singer and he'll sit on my lap and sing right along with me!!  He's got some talent!! Hits all the high notes!! *L* I'll send you some more pics when I can get the wiggle worm to sit still long enough to get another good one.  Anyways.... the question I had was what is he registered as (I completely forgot to ask), and when should I be expecting the papers.  I was just curious because mail can be a little iffy around here unfortunately.  Well.... thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our family :) All of our friends and family loooooove him to death!!  Take care and write back soon!!

Thanks again,

This is Kathy Naumann, who came by Saturday afternoon from Pittsburgh to pick up my new little girl, Gracie Lynn –

Gracie and I had a whirlwind Sunday, getting her settled in to her new home and preparing for her care while I go to work today.  She’s a good little girl;  nicely mannered and starting to feel comfortable in her new digs already.  We’re talking a lot, and she’s listening – I can tell! – and she’s beginning to respond to her name and looks like she will be a spunky but happy little girl as time goes on.

I loved coming down and seeing all the pups and parents – Bless you for the tender loving care you provide to all your dogs there in ‘paradise.’   I feel like it was meant to be for me to find your website to bring a new schnauzer girl into my home after my recent loss of my long-time companion Starr.

I’ll be in touch again in a few weeks and will give you an update.  Thanks again, and let the gang know Gracie says ‘woof’ with lots of loving licks –

-Kathy Naumann

Hi Linda,

Hope this finds you well.  My name is Anita Smith, my friend Kim Wilkinson and I came up in May  and got two of your puppies,Kim got a black one and I got a salt and pepper one.  We named him Dolittle, he is wonderful. He was born on April 2, 2010.  He is doing so great on house training part, rarely goes in the house and if he does it is to wet, mostly on his potty pads.  He eats regularlly and we try and keep on the schedule.  I also crate trained, which has worked wonderfully.  He know likes it as his bed, I leave the door open and when he finally wears out, he just goes inside and goes to lay down in his bed.  We are having a bit of a problem with my other dog Bear and Dolittle, Bear is 12 years old and really is not taking well to Dolittle, but we are training with the Leave it command, to teach Dolittle to leave Bear alone, suggestion from a trainer, it seems to be working, going slow but getting there.  I love Dolittle and am sure with patience and lots of love, discipline we will get it all worked out.  Love can do anything with a little patience.  I am so happy with him and he gets along well with the kids, just still wants to nibble on them a little but they are learning to use the command easy and he calms right down.  He listens to commands really well.
Thank you so much for raising such a sweet little boy.
Pictures to follow soon.

Anita Smith


Thought we'd let you know that Winston (salt and pepper male you sold
us last Friday) is doing terrific, he got his first round of shots and
the vet gave a healthy report! He is quite the goofball but wears down
quickly and enjoys a good nap. Thanks for the great addition to our

Curt and Katelyn

Seen one of your dogs in springfield virgina. He was very nice and the owners were very happy. I'm looking for a schnauzer puppy right now I would like a salt and pepper female but wouldn't mind a male puppy.

Luis Hernandez III

Hi there,
Just wanted to give you an update on our perfect little gal. We purchased here 2/28/10 and were from Youngstown, Ohio.
Let me tell you how full of life she is. She is into just about everything. She doesn't know a stranger and has adjusted to her home. We have to other schnauzers that we got as adults. We just didn't know how much fun a baby schnauzer could be. She's about 5 lbs now. The vet thinks she will be on the small side about 10-11 lbs. We didn't crop her ears. She is doing great in the house training department. If she can she will go and hide under the bed for her business. Oh and the charmin puppy has nothing over on Meika. She grabs the roll of toilet paper every chance she gets. Trying to remember to close the door all the time, well it just doesn't get done. My son has an english bulldog. What a buddy he is.She just loves that big guy. She gives him a run for his money. As I am sitting here at the computer all my girls are at my feet.
I told my husband if we knew how much pleasure we would be getting from her, we would have gotten two. What's one more?
I will get a pic of her soon. I know that you have so many puppies, and it's hard to remember, but just to let you know our Meika is terrific and we are very very happy with her. Don't be surprised to hear from us again...
Thanks for the beautiful little girl.

Judy Baker

Hi Linda, hope this finds you well.  Boy, I can't believe that a year ago our little Sampson
(Sammy) was born this month on the 4th.  We had a great birthday party for him with
toys and some treats.  He is so big and sweet.  He sleeps with me and doesn't leave my
side.  He loves my Husband & our other Schnauzer but he lives for me.  I still have the
sweet picture of him were he still has his tail.  He still has that sweet little forehead & the
sweetest black eyes.  He is so spoiled.  I am so glad my Husband found your web site
for me.  I couldn't ask for a more kind,sweet & loving little guy.  Hope you and the family
are well.

God Bless, Julie DeSalvo


Just wanted to let you know that everything is working out great for our puppy.  Macie has brought a lot of happiness to our home.  Macie and my wife are inseparable.  I have attached a picture of Macie in our home on Christmas morning.

I hope things are going well for you, Gary, and your family...


Linda, Ryan and I got the black female schnauzer puppy from you last night.  She is doing wonderful!!  What a sweetheart!  Keely and Zeke are not quite sure what to think of her yet but "Lily" sure is interested in them!!!  Ryan and I decided on Lily as her name, we stopped and got her a collar, leash and food on the way home last night.  She slept all night and we were up around 5:30 when she ate, peed and pooped outside!!  It was wonderful!!  Ryan came home from work this morning and she was running around the kitchen playing with her toys and trying to follow the other dogs.   She has won a place in our hearts already!  We are very thankful for your help and wanted to say thank you sooooo much!  She will definitely be spoiled and well cared for.  Thanks again, Angie Miller  I will send you some pics of all of them together.

A. Miller

Our puppy is doing very well. She is going to be quite spoiled! She sleeps with me every night and it seems she's always being held either by myself, my husband or one of our three kids. My 3-year old even says his bedtime prayers with her. Just now I found him sitting on the floor "reading" a book to her while she sat on his lap. I took her to my kids school yesterday and everyone adored her. My daughter's teacher, Ms. Ribel, may be contacting you. She's a widow and has grandchildren with allergies. She was very interested in our pup and asking a lot of questions about miniature schnauzers. I told her to look you up and give you a call. One of the teachers at the school was talking about how sweet our pup is and said "I'd take you home!" and my 3-year old son grabbed the pup and put his arms around her and said "no! I love her!!" It was so funny. He really thought someone was going to take his new puppy. I will try to send you some pictures soon. I just wanted to let you know that she's doing very well. Thanks again. I couldn't be happier.

Sabrina Amato

Dear Linda:

It's Sen Truman Chafin here...Tish is my wife. Hope you remember me. We've bought four dogs from you and appreciate your expertise in schnauzers.
I'm interested in the little black and silver one you have ready in two weeks or so..hope you'll give me a good price since I'm one of your loyal customers and recommend you to others.
Anyway, let us know what's the best price  we can buy it for and we'll consider and timely get back with you.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Truman and Tish Chafin

Just thought that I would write you a note and let you know that Snuggles if doing wonderful.  I took her to the vet again today to get her second round of shots and she weight 2#.  She is really sweeth and just so adorable.  The vet said that she was just too cute.
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.  I also hope all is well with your granddaughter too.  You are in my prayers and so is she. Also, I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas.  It will be her before you know it now.

Patricia Gorsky

I wanted to thank Linda for providing my Fiance and I with a Healthy, Happy, and energetic puppy.  Bella is a beautiful salt and pepper female, and after a quick trip to the vet found out she was 3lbs 6oz and extremely healthy.  Also, the puppy food recommended by Linda was reinforced by the vet.  Bella is 6 weeks old, but all ready 90% paper trained.  Vet says not to take her outside for another week or so because of her age and the weather, but other than that she has been a wonderful addition to our family.  I just wanted to thank Linda and her family for being Masters of their trade, and providing us with a beautiful and healthy puppy.


Chad Freshour


Around 1993 I bought a little black male schnauzer from you. I lost him a few months ago. Just wanted to let you know that one of your little guys was loved so much and brought a lot of joy to me and my family. He was my little buddy. I miss him terribly.



Hello! Steve left early this morning (Saturday). He's staying the night in Ames, Iowa at his sister and her family's house, and will be heading to West Virginia very early in th morning (Sunday), probably around four. He's hoping to pick the baby up Sunday evening, weather permitting. He did a MapQuest on your address, and couldn't get the final directions, so he asked me to get directions for him. Once he gets to Grantsville, where does he go from there? Thanks so much! We're VERY excited here!!!!


Hello, Linda.  Dr. Lawrence Giebel, our veterinarian and family friend, recommended that we contact you about miniature schnauzer puppies.  We would like to purchase two same sex puppies about July 1st.  How should we communicate with you about the availability of puppies at that time?  The reason that we need to wait until early July is that we will be away for one week.  We do not want to leave new puppies in someone else’s care for that period of time.

We recently lost our wonderful pure bred German Shepherd, Beau, after 12 wonderful years.  We have decided that at this time in our lives, we want a much smaller breed of dog that does not shed.  Dr. Giebel recommended that when we were able to consider new dogs we get in touch with you.

Please let me know what our next steps should be.

With many thanks, Mary ***

Hello Linda
Just thought I'd drop a line to let you know the puppy is ok.  Already got his shots and wormed.  He is doing fine and my wife loves him, two couch potatoes.  Anyway Thanks for the fine pup.

Also it was nice to meet fine Christian people with "old path" views.  God Bless you two and hold on a little while longer, He's coming soon!


Hi!  You probably do not remember, but we purchased a Black/Silver male, who was born 03/19/2008. . .and we just LOVE him.  Anyway, I was curious what size his parents were:   Sire:  Peck's Baby Buttons and Dam:  Sadie of Paradise.

Also, we did register him and we held off on neutering him.  I have gotten so many compliments on his confirmation, his attitude and his easy training abilities.  There was some requests for possible breeding.  Would you have any helpful hints, i.e. normal breeding costs, how to make sure that any offspring could become registered. . .etc.

Thanks so much! Andie

Linda, I purchased one of your babes in May this year.  I meant to have her spaid before now, she will be 6 months October 5.  In your experience, when do they begin their first heat.  Clair's parents were Scooby-Doo XV and Sabrina Noel.  I am so very pleased with her, she's a doll.

- Sue *****

My two puppies are doing great – Patrick born April 23, 2005 and Daisee Mae born September 11, 2005 both are now three but this email is mostly is to wish you a Happy Birthday on the 11th – thanks again the puppies have been great!!!

-Suzanne  ****

I thought afterwards I forgot to give the update on "Eisenhauer".  His trip back to Virginia was very interesting.  He traveled well - only once did we stop to settle him back into his cage.  The children held the puppies all the way and from time to time they would take turns to go back and talk w/Eisenhauer.  He is growing and we spoke to Bruce a couple of nights ago and he is getting excited about his goat herd.  He is breeding now for next spring's new producers.  The buck he is using for breeding now will be sold and Eisenhauer will take over his duties next summer.  Bruce now has 12 baby piglets and a large crop of ducklings also.  This nine acre farm is quite interesting.  Do you have all of your puppies spoken for from these litters?  Schnauzers are very interesting dogs.  They think they are humans - not dogs.  We are so happy with Gretchen and we enjoy her more every day.

Take care - Sylvia




i wanted to let you know i took the puppy to the vet today and he's perfectly healthy.  they had to give him some shots and deworm him again, but they said it was pretty normal to have to worm them more than once.  just thought you might want to know and i will send you some pics of him in a  few weeks.


Just wanted to let you know that we took the new puppy (Ashley) (from Sunday) to the vet yesterday.  Everyone Ooohed and Ahhed all over her! They thought she was beautiful!  AND she got a perfectly clean bill of health.  They said she had been very well cared for.  And I recommended you all to them.  And she got her first set of shots.  Thought you would like to know all that.  She is doing very well.  Eating really good and is very playful.
Also, attached are the pictures of Maggie (she died in March last year from the pet food recall)  She was only 6 years old)  She was born by Daisy on Aug. 9th 2001 and we came to get her from you on Sept. 15th.  She was a beautiful dog inside and out.  Wonderful, loving personality.
Thanks so much!  We think there is nothing better than getting a puppy from you.  They really are a member of the family!

Valerie Roach and family

I just got on your web page to see the dogs. I saw Oreo. That’s a different look. The boys and I are just great. I am so grateful that I have them. Brinkley and Griffin are 2 of the best things I have done in my life. I think of you often but I have had my hands full this summer. My mother has breast cancer at the age of 83. We went through the biopsy, the pathologist report, the operation to remove the spots and lymph nodes. She recovered well, but she is still tired. The boys and I have been with her the last 3 weeks. I knew I had to go back to school. Hated to leave her but she is well. She has good friends around in her retirement community.  She will start her 6 weeks of radiation in a couple weeks. Her charts were sent to an oncologist to determine if she should have chemotherapy. Her doctor said that at her age the chem. Would kill her instead of the cancer.

Her lymph nodes were clear and all cancer was removed. She is very active and has a very spiritual outlook. Always has! I would love to come visit with the boys but I can’t right now. Anyway school starts next week for teachers. I had a great Summer Band for the month of July with my Middle School Band. We averaged 62 kids every day. We had a great time and they are just so wonderful. High school kids always get all the recognition, but my middle school  kids are really something to see and hear. They work very hard for me. I hope you and your family are ok. Hopefully I will get to Grantsville. Brinkley is so handsome and Griffin is the eternal Puppy. Everyone says how old is your puppy? Cute! Take care and I hope to hear from you.

Love, Christine

Yes!!  Bella looks just like this!!  She is so pretty, and she is a sweetheart too.  Sometimes she gets a little big for her breeches and sassy about having to get into her carrier, but she gets over it.  Mostly she just hangs out with me in my office while I work.  I had to "puppy proof" my office, but she had lots of toys to play with and then she curls up between my feet and takes a nap.  Right now she is switching over to dry food - she doesn't mind it and is still trying to figure out how to chew it up.  I will ask my husband to help me send you some pictures.  Yesterday we took some pictures of her in her leopard sweater with a hood!  She looked so cute...even though she wasn't crazy about wearing clothes!  She likes it when we wrap her up in a baby blanket and hold her.   I love to hear her bark - she was barking at the trash can....and the vacuum cleaner!!

It sounds like it is really cold there too.  I am thankful your son made it off that mountain safely....he mush have been so scared!!

I will share all of these pictures of the puppies with Debbie and Dr. Mansour too - I will email them to his wife!  Who wouldn't fall in love with them!?!  I will send them to my husband at work too because there were several people who said they wanted a puppy as soon as they saw how cute Bella is.  I know Debbie said she wished I would have brought Bella's sister home too because she would have taken her.  I can ask her if she still wants Devilena if you think you want to sell her.  But, I know she wouldn't mind waiting for a year too until Oreo has her next litter.

Tell Gary we said hi...and your grand daughters too!

Talk soon,


Thank you so much for your reply.  How often do you have new litters?  Expecting any soon?  When you have a new black female I would love to have her.  My sister-in-law brought a salt & pepper male pup from you several years ago for her uncle and that is how I heard of you initially.  He is a gorgeous specimen and has been so healthy from the get go.
I would love to hear from you when you have one available.
Thank you,

Kimberly ******

Hi Linda!

Wanted to drop you an email and let you know that I took Gracie to our Vet
on March 17th for her first visit and first set of shots.  The Vet feel in
love with her, and told me the same thing you told me, that she will
probably be only 10-11 inches tall, and about 10 lbs.  It is hard to believe
that she is 10 weeks old!!  She is growing like a weed, knows her name,
loves to have her hair brushed and has learned to go up and down our stairs!

I also wanted to tell you that you will probably be getting an email from
Mrs. Ghaski Browning.  She and I work together here at the State Dept., and
when she saw Gracie, she told her husband that she "has to have" a white
mini schnauzer!  She asked for your website and email address.  Thank you so
very much for breeding such intelligent, wonderful loving mini schnauzers!!
She is worth every penny!!

Take care!

Hi Linda, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you but that wonderful little pup I received from you has been keeping me quite busy. Linda, I must say that Tiger is growing up to become an awsome pooch and a loved member of the family. I really can't thank you enough for all that both you and your husband did to make schnauzer ownership possible and the long trip back from West Virginia easier. Let me give you some updates on Tiger's progress. He has grown to a touch over 8 pounds and is in superb health. He is already completely housebroken and is trained to sit, stay, come and get down on command. I have to tell you he receives tons of compliments; usually either about how cute, hansome or smart he is. He is also so well behaved; knock on wood he hasn't destroyed anything more than a piece of paper. In conclusion, let me say that Tiger has been such a pleasure that I am thinking of getting him a female companion. I will probably be looking to get a black female mini in the spring so you will likely be hearing from me again in early 2010 as I will probably be headed back your way. I know white mini's are rare are the blacks just as rare or do you frequently have black pups available. Again, thanks for everything all the best to both you and Mr. Peck.

Warmest Regards,

Joe *****

Linda:  Just a line to say hi and to send you a picture of ,Zoey,  We got Zoey from you in 2003.  Zoey was born Jan. 29,2003.   She is adorable!!!!  We are from Washington, Pa.  We came to see her when she was 41/2 weeks old and brought her home than.  She is just like a person.  You told us that day that we would have a great bond with her and you were right.  I am sending you a picture of her........great dog and so loving.

Thanks,  Bill and Sharon *****

Hi Linda,

We wanted to say Hello, and ask how you were feeling?  When we got our little puppy from Maleah's litter (July 4th weekend), you had been home a while from your surgery, but (I think) had an infection brewing.  You have been in our thoughts and prayers, hoping for a speedy recovery, and back to your usual self in no time.

Well, our little puppy has settled in beautifully.  We've named her Lucy.  My Mom (Sylvia Bailey) took the lighter salt and pepper female, and named her Gretchen.  She's much taller and longer than our Lucy, but they are both adorable, and as you know, quite lovable.  And, we just can't believe that they don't bark!  They are quite energetic, and even with all their spunk, they only bark a little bit when they're playing.

Lucy has really been a joy to our family.  She's so much fun, very smart, and the kids just go crazy over her.  And, our other two dogs have been very accepting of her and all get along wonderfully.  I'll send you a picture of our family one of these days.

Thanks again for working with us.  We have referred you and your services to many!  Take care, and we hope you're feeling well!

Denise *****
Stroudsburg, PA


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